Superb Windshield Repair in Atlanta will repair a windshield ding, chip or crack without windshield replacement

Superb Windshield Repair in Atlanta really is the only windshield repair specialty shop in Metro-Atlanta. Others claim to have a nearby windshield repair shop but they actually come to you. Our customers come to a real shop.

Working within our climate controlled shop and at a fixed location allows us to consistently deliver superb windshield repair quality and prompt service. We have same-day openings by appointment. Most customers are in and out in 30-minutes. Our craftsmen respect the environmentally sensitive windshield repair process.

We repair stone damaged windshields uncommonly well. A proper windshield repair will permanently restore a ding, chip or crack and most of its clarity. You should repair the initial damage before it spreads or becomes contaminated. Effective windshield repair is our mission. Our customers save money and avoid problems common with the average windshield replacement.

Finding effective windshield repair in Metro-Atlanta can be extremely tricky. Most windshield repair companies wants your business without being effective. Comparing posted Google Maps, Yelp and Kudzu reviews will help you make the right choice. Pay close attention to the red flags. Obviously, reviews and ratings controlled by the advertised company own website are too easily faked.

Superb Windshield Repair reviews are managed by Google Maps, Yelp, Kudzu and other independent platforms. We are the most five-star reviewed windshield repair company around the web. Our reviews relate to a windshield ding, chip or crack repair, not auto glass replacement or something else. We hold the top customer service awards issued by Kudzu and Angie’s List. Superb Windshield Repair uses an educational approach with customers. We’ll explain the job before starting and demonstrate as we do your windshield repair.

Most insurance companies contract a large full-service auto glass company as their claim administrator. Getting a straight answer is difficult. In Georgia, your auto insurance company can raise your premiums based upon your claim history. Your policy can even be cancelled if you file too many claims. There’s no policy evidence that windshield repair claims want effect your renewal premiums.

Windshield repair claims are encouraged by participating auto insurance companies and they have the ability to raise your resulting renewal premiums. This make them to appear as a for profit windshield repair business. Use your legal right to choose your own auto glass company. Independent windshield repair advice is hard to find.

At Superb Windshield Repair, we advise you to decide whether to pay out of pocket or to file your own windshield repair claim. In our opinion, filing windshield repair claims will cost more in premiums than you’ll save.

Most auto glass companies don’t give any guarantee on their windshield ding, chip or crack repairs. Their lifetime guarantee mainly relates to auto glass replacement issues. Read the fine print. Your having to buy an expensive windshield replacement from the same company whose windshield repair may fail is a raw deal.

At Superb Windshield Repair, we give a two-year money back guarantee on our windshield repairs. We repair windshields uncommonly well and firmly stand behind our work.

Superb Windshield Repair has been located in the Atlanta Cobb Galleria Office Park since 2004. Our address is 300 Galleria Pkwy, Atlanta, GA, 30339. The storefront is in building 300 underground parking deck at level G. Our master windshield repair craftsman awaits your call at (770) 356-8700.

Superb Windshield Repair draws wise customers from Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Vinings, Marietta, Smyrna, Austell, Douglasville, Dunwoody, Norcross, Roswell, Alpharetta, Tucker, Kennesaw, Acworth, Johns Creek, Duluth, Powder Springs, Decatur, Georgia.

Business Hours: Monday – Friday: 7:00 am to 7:00 pm,
Saturday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Sunday: 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

We never leave our unique shop to chase after mobile business. Same-day openings are available by appointment.  You’ll usually be in and out within 30-minutes.