We Can Absolutely Fix Your Chip Or Long Crack Without Replacing Your Windshield

You don’t have to replace your windshield just because a chip or crack is on it. At Superb Windshield Repair, we can restore most stone damaged windshields with precision at a price that may shock you. Our in-house experts can fix chips up to the size of a half dollar coin. Whether the crack is one inch or eighteen inches long, we have the specialty skills, tools and repair process to properly fix it without a windshield replacement.

Don’t allow your windshield damage to spread. Set up a same-day appointment for our no-wait service. You’ll be on your way within 30-minutes in most cases. Why hang around all day or wait until a mobile guy is working your area? Besides, there are other very good reasons that we only work in our well controlled specialty shop.

For an excellent windshield repair, we require almost zero air moisture and no ultra-violet light during the filling process. The temperature also needs to be controlled as windshield repair chemicals are very sensitive to it. We have special shop lighting that reveals minute details of the damage and helps us to get it all.

We did not invent the windshield. But, we have spent years studying its makeup in order to preserve its beauty and lifetime. You can find us at the prestigious Cobb Galleria Office Park. It has been proud home since 2004. You’ll definitely appreciate the atmosphere at our unique windshield repair shop.

Hours of operation: Monday – Friday: 7am to 7 pm
Saturday: 7am to 4pm & Sunday: 10am to 2pm

WARNING: The other guys will tell you to wait for a week before they can repair your windshield. It’s because they are not windshield repair experts. They do windshield replacements. There’s a big difference. Why wait when you can give us a call and we get you in and out the same day? Besides, we are Atlanta’s number one in expertise and customer service with thousands or five star reviews on google and yelp.

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